Unhappy and stressed about where you are in your personal and professional life causing a lack of confidence and self worth within yourself


    Changes are happening around you and you don't know how to manage them so you feel like you have no control over your life and what happens


    Your lack of boundaries, and limiting beliefs are causing you to over commit leading you to experience burnout and live in constant fear

It doesn't have to be this way

There is a power you take back from the world when you discover who you are and I will walk along side you on this journey..


About Your Coach

Oneika Webb was once unfulfilled with where she was in life, facing imposter syndrome and struggled with showing up authentically for herself because she didn’t know what that looks like. She struggled with defining what was “fun” for her because her desires were so much different from her peers. Coaching gave her the freedom to be who she knew she was.

As she continued on her journey she got confirmation from God to invest in a Transformation Coaching Program to become a certified coach. Since then she has continued to expand her knowledge, and create an environment catering to the needs of her clients.

Oneika's goal is to help YOU discover the power that you have inside of you to do all the that you know you can do, and that starts with knowing WHO you are, WHERE you are and HOW to get you where you need to be.

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After our coaching sessions


    You'll know who you are, where you need to be, you'll be equipped & motivated on how to get there.


    You will be confident in yourself and your abilities to fully achieve your dreams and goals.


    You'll have clarity that you're walking in your purpose, making intentional choices and behaviors.

  • Self Discovery $197

    Are you ready to take control of your life to become a better version of yourself?

    Who is this package for:
    This package is perfect for individuals who are trying to figure out who they are and where they want to be in life. This individual works a 9-5 job, wanting or already is an entrepreneur, or is currently unhappy with where they are in life. They are seeking to find their identity to achieve their goals.

    What you will get:
    - Weekly coaching for 6 weeks
    - 60 minutes zoom coaching sessions
    - Customized strategic plan for areas of development
    - Client Portal with files and session recordings

    I'm Ready 
  • Highest Version of Yourself $397

    Become the highest version of yourself in all areas of your life.

    Who is this package for:
    This package is perfect for individuals who are trying to level up in all areas of their life, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This individual knows who they are but need help getting to the next level to become all that they know they can be authentically.

    What you will get:
    - Weekly 1:1 coaching for 8 weeks
    - 60 minutes zoom coaching sessions
    - Customized strategic plan for development
    - Client Portal with files and session notes
    - Every session recordings
    - Free copy of Guided Journal Journey Within
    - Creating Commitments Course
    - Financial Management Templates
    - Self Care Workbook
    - Customized 90 Day blueprint

    Level Me Up 
  • 45 Minutes Coaching $47

    Whether you're struggling in an area of your life or need clarity as you navigate through life. I can help you through it!

    This could be: Time Management, Self-Care, Procrastination, Financial Management and Others.